The Zonic 180 is a very compact 180kw peak motor, perfect for medium and large classic cars, with a remote inverter making for easy fitment in tight spaces. With an 8 bolt B face plate, it will fit onto a range of gearbox adapter plates already on the market for such motors like the hyper9 and AC50, plus the female spline allows for very close fitment to a gearbox. With an operating voltage range of 270-420v there is a range of battery options on the market that will operate with it and being over 200v, should you want to have DC fast charging, the Zonic Motor is not holding you back. Outputting 360NM torque and up to 12,000RPM it really packs a punch.

On top of the high quality Zonic 180 motor, we have teamed up with AEM EV to bring with it one of the best electric vehicle VCU’s on the market.  After extensive testing it comes programmed with a tried and tested profile/map proven to get the most out of the system and gives you the option to run other compatible components within the AEM EV range. The system is designed to work with Orion, Dilithum or AEM EV BMS solutions, allowing for it to work with the battery management system to dynamically adjust performance or regen when needed to protect your battery for longevity.

Zonic 180
Input Rated Voltage (VDC) 336
Rated Power (KW) 90
Peak Power (KW) 180
Rated Torque (NM) 177
Peak Torque (NM) 360
Rated Speed (RPM) 4200
Peak Speed (RPM) 12000
Protection Level IP67
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 – 85
Weight (kg)
Cooling Method Water Cooled



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